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Minju Joson Terms US Harasser of Global Peace and Stability
Pyongyang, March 27 (KCNA) -- The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute of Sweden recently issued an annual report on the worldwide arms export.

According to it, the volume of sales of conventional weapons worldwide has increased 24 percent for the recent five years and the U.S. topped the list of the worldwide arms sellers.

Commenting on this, Minju Joson Sunday says that number and facts fully revealed the U.S. true colors as the world's biggest arms trader.

It goes on:

After the end of the Cold War the U.S. has massively increased the military expenditure and spurred the development and production of modern arms and equipment, prompted by its ambition for world supremacy. It has massively exported ammunitions to other countries as well.

The U.S. also tops the world list of arms provider to dispute and armed conflict-torn areas in the world.

The U.S. is using arms export as leverage for domination and intervention in the internal affairs of other countries in a bid to secure an international environment for realizing its external policy for aggression.

It set those countries to which it will export its weapons in all regions and then sell weapons to them, fostering and escalating military confrontation among countries.

The U.S. is becoming all the more zealous in selling weapons to south Korea than other countries.

It is due to the U.S. arms sale that south Korea is turning into the hotbed of a dangerous nuclear war.

With nothing can the U.S. evade the blame as the arch criminal who is gravely threatening and harassing peace and stability in the Korean Peninsula and the rest of the world and sparking off the worldwide arms race.

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