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Police Authorities' Outrages against Students Protested in S. Korea
Pyongyang, March 26 (KCNA) -- The puppet police and university management sides of south Korea are getting more undisguised in their suppression of students' actions for the solution of the issue of registration fee, according to Kyungyang Daily News of south Korea on Mar. 22.

On Mar. 11 the police authorities turned down under an unreasonable pretext the application made by the national registration fee network and the Federation of University Students in the 21st Century for holding a meeting denouncing the registration fee hike and urging the authorities to fulfil their promise to cut down the registration fee by half in solidarity with civic and social organizations.

The police issued a summons to the chairperson of the General Student Council of Ehwa Woman's University to appear in court several times on the charge of violation of "laws on assembly and demonstration" for the mere reason that she shouted slogans at a press conference held by the group of general student councils for settling the issue of registration fee.

The management side of Sogang University not only blocked a meeting of students denouncing the hike of registration fee but took disciplinary actions against four leading students including the chairman of the university general student council on Mar. 9 for sponsoring it.

Conveying this fact, the daily noted that the protest actions still going on though the fixing of the registration fee for this year is over prove that the students' grievances have pent up so much.

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