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S. Korea: "Government's" Policy for Confrontation Flailed
Pyongyang, March 20 (KCNA) -- Paek Hak Sun, senior researcher of the Sejong Institute of south Korea, on March 17 criticized the "government's" policy for confrontation with the DPRK at a seminar. The seminar on "Situation of Korean Peninsula and Task" was sponsored by the Institute on Far East Affairs of Kyungnam University.

The inter-Korean relations were driven into the worst phase after the June 25 Korean War due to the "Cheonan" warship case and the Yonphyong Island shelling incident, creating a war crisis on the Korean Peninsula, he said.

Over the past one year after the "Cheonan" case the north has led the situation of the Korean Peninsula and the world, convincing everyone of the instability and danger of the armistice system in the peninsula and the urgency of building a peace-keeping mechanism, he noted, adding:

The authorities of the south side, however, were passive in handling and settling the issue of the peninsula. It is because the present "government" has no general strategy and ability in making policy toward the north and external policy.

Referring to the inter-Korean military dialogue ruptured in early February, he charged that a new chance for tiding over the present situation was removed by some policy-makers of the incompetent "government" only keen on ideology.

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