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Pyongyang Floriculture Institute Turned into Flower Cultivation Centre
Pyongyang, March 14 (KCNA) -- The Pyongyang Floriculture Institute of the DPRK turned into the modern floriculture centre. It has modern green houses, flower experimental plots and advanced bio-engineering facilities whose processes are all automatically controlled with the help of computers.

The institute selected and bred tulip species of bright prospect of cultivation and improved varieties of flower species such as chrysanthemum and dahlia. It also produced a lot of new species.

In this course, it succeeded in developing dozens of flower species suited to the climatic conditions of Korea including cosmos and zinnia.

It has deepened the study to establish the technology of cultivation.

It systematically studied and completed the advanced technology of cultivation such as the method of cultivating the cuttings of rose, one of species with greatest varieties on a world-wide scale, and the technology for producing root nodule of tulip.

It also completed the method of propagating flowers through tissue culture.

It newly built the cultivation process equipped with the latest technology and applied bio-engineering technology to the new species of flowers. It, therefore, completed one by one the method of propagating flowers through tissue culture, confirming indices of cultivation technology.

Big advance was made in cultivating flowers through gene transfer, in particular.

The institute transplanted drought-resistant gene separated from wild plant to a leaf cell of all-season chrysanthemum. It also succeeded in its tissue culture, thus producing flowers by method of gene transfer for the first time in the country.

It also made it possible to produce various species of necessary flowers as wished, opening a bright prospect of putting flower cultivation on a scientific and industrial basis and rapidly developing flower production.

It has become possible to mass-produce various species of beautiful flowers by tissue culture and spread them in Pyongyang and different parts of the country.

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