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Scenic Spots Undergo Changes
Pyongyang, March 3 (KCNA) -- Sinphyong Kumgang, a scenic spot in North Hwanghae Province of Korea, is being turned into a picturesque site in the era of Songun.

In this area there are many showplaces such as cliffs, peculiar rocks and waterfalls along the Ahobiryong mountainous range.

The province is building sightseeing paths, bridges, revetment, pavilions and many other service facilities while preserving the beauty spots to their original state.

Construction of various bridges in 14 spots expanding over 1,000 m and sightseeing roads is nearing completion. Building of sightseeing roads in Nounpho and Kumganggol and structures in several spots has already been completed.

Meanwhile, the construction of a power station, dwelling houses, a fish pond, soft drinks, clinic, nursery and kindergarten is making headway at fast tempo.

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