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Jonggwang Temple Renowned for Excellent Architecture
Pyongyang, February 28 (KCNA) -- There is the Jonggwang Temple, built in the mid-7th century, in Riwon County, South Hamgyong Province.

It was rebuilt in 1814, a year of the Ri Dynasty (1392-1910).

More than ten buildings existed in the temple during the Ri Dynasty. But several of them were ravaged by the Japanese imperialists during their colonial rule over Korea.

Pillars of its main building are thick, with their middle parts somewhat wider than other parts. Among them the four-corner pillars are thicker and higher, elevating the graceful features of the building.

The main building is decorated with various sculptures and golden painting representing the country's developed architecture at that time.

Buddhist pictures are seen on inner walls of another remaining building.

Standing in the temple is a three-storied, three-meter-high stone pagoda.

The temple is well preserved as one of the country's cultural assets.

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