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Japan Urged to Apologize for Its Past Crimes and Redeem Them
Pyongyang, January 25 (KCNA) -- Japan's settlement of its past is a key issue in normalizing the DPRK-Japan relations, observes Rodong Sinmun Tuesday in a bylined commentary.

The process to improve the relations between the DPRK and Japan is not a bargaining, the commentary notes, and goes on: It is a matter of opening good-neighborly and friendly relations with the DPRK on the basis of Japan's full redemption of its crime-woven past. To this end, Japan should fulfill its historical responsibility.

Had the Japanese ruling quarters have the ability to foresee the future with a good judgment of the times, they would have taken practical measures for the settlement of their past before raising irrelevant issues.

Japan is, however, talking about "improved relations" with the DPRK, while concealing its past crimes. This is a just mockery of the Korean people, human conscience and justice.

The abnormal DPRK-Japan relations can never be settled as long as Japan shuns the settlement of its past. This is a lesson taught by the past talks and contacts for improving their relations.

It is illogical for Japan to call for the "improved bilateral relations" while shelving the issue of apologizing for its past wrongs and redressing them.

The issues of confidence building and fence mending between the DPRK and Japan can be settled only through Japan's solution of the above-said issue.

Japan's settlement of its past wrongs is not a matter that allows it to behave as it pleases as regards the issue. This is an issue which Japan should clinch without fail and an urgent matter to be solved for improving its relations with the DPRK.

If Japan truly wants to see the improved relations with the DPRK, it should properly understand this basic issue and make a bold decision to redeem its past as early as possible.

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