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Book on Works of Kim Jong Il Off Press
Pyongyang, January 21 (KCNA) -- "Selected Works of Kim Jong Il" Vol. 7 (enlarged edition) came off the press. The book comprehensively deals with his works.

The book contains 39 works authored by him from October, Juche 63 (1974) to December, Juche 65 (1976).

Among them are "On Correctly Understanding the Originality of Kimilsungism" and "Let Us Firmly Defend the Political and Ideological Unity and Purity of the Party Generation after Generation".

They give perfect answers to the issues of developing the Workers' Party of Korea into the party of President Kim Il Sung and accomplishing the revolutionary cause of Juche generation after generation.

The book also contains the work in which he called for developing the People's Army into the army of the leader and that of the party in name and reality after defining it as the general task for army building to model the whole army on the Juche idea.

Included in the book are works which clarify the issues of strengthening the party guidance to the rural economy and developing foreign trade.

"For Further Developing Our Juche Arts" and "For Raising Ideological and Artistic Values in Creation of Revolutionary Operas" and other works contained in the book indicate ways of bringing about a turn in the arts creation.

There are in the book works calling for intensifying education through revolutionary battle sites and revolutionary sites, sprucing Pyongyang and Mt. Kumgang up well and successfully conducting the work in public health, sports and various other fields.

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