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World's Leading Magnesia Clinker Producer to Emerge
Pyongyang, January 21 (KCNA) -- "We are ready not only to satisfactorily meet the domestic demand for quality fireproof materials but export them to many countries desirous of developing metallurgical industry in the future", said Ri Chan Hwa, 49, director general of the Tanchon Area Mining General Bureau of the DPRK, when interviewed by KCNA.

Noting that the above-said factory and others are in the process of taking on new looks as the world's leading magnesia clinker producer, he continued:

The factory is now mass-producing varieties of building-materials by use of dust ores after building an anthracite egg coal production process, tile production process and packing container production process.

It has established a new production system operating with locally available fuel. It settled the issue of binder, the core issue in producing anthracite egg coal, manufactured modern equipment and put them onto a CNC basis so that production is kept going at a high rate.

Green building-materials produced by the factory by use of light burned magnesia are being effectively used to prevent global warming in keeping with the worldwide trend of developing low carbon economy, green economy.

The magnesia clinker industry in the Tanchon area has a very bright prospect of its development as it has rich raw material, favorable conditions provided by a port and is based on a wealth of experience and technology.

We will steadily boost production and export by effectively operating the new production system, relying on the world's leading magnesite deposit.

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