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Signal Successes Reported from Pilot Sectors of National Economy
Pyongyang, January 17 (KCNA) -- Coal, electric power and metal industries and railways, the pilot sectors of the national economy in the DPRK, are reporting signal successes in their drive to provide strong backing to light industry whose development is the main thrust of the general onward movement this year.

The Sunchon Area Youth Coal Complex, the Tokchon Area Coal Complex and other coalfields in the western part of the country are keeping the coal production going at a high rate by reinforcing the manpower for tunneling and securing reserve cutting faces. The Kaechon Area Coal Complex is registering ever greater successes in tunneling everyday through a socialist emulation while the Kangdong Area Coal Complex is overfulfilling its national economic plan everyday on all indices.

The Pukchang and Pyongyang thermal-power complexes are ensuring the normal operation of generators by increasing the number of them at work. The production of electricity is on the steady increase at the East Pyongyang Thermal-power Plant, Sunchon Thermal-power Plant, Jangjingang Power Station, Taedonggang Power Station and the Sodusu Power Station as the efficiency of equipment there has been raised while the time of their repair and maintenance is cut down as much as possible.

The Kim Chaek Iron and Steel Complex is energetically pushing forward the work to reinforce the iron production system operating with locally available resources and boost the efficiency of oxygen converters and ingoting machines to a higher level. The Hwanghae Iron and Steel Complex is busy with the technological updating of the process for the production of heavy duty rail, while overfulfilling its daily plan more than 30 percent. The Musan Mining Complex successfully carried out the blasting of 150,000 cubic meter earth to provide a sufficient quantity of quality concentrated iron ore to iron and steel works. Other enterprises in the field of metal industry are supplying iron and steel to light industry on a priority basis.

The domain of railway transport carried out the New Year's transport quota at 102.6 percent. It is reporting more signal successes by working out the detailed plan for transporting freight to construction sites in time and minutely organizing and commanding the transport services.

The Kim Jong Thae Electric Locomotive Complex developed AC locomotive "Songun Red Flag" No. 1 equipped with asynchronous adhesion motors while the Wonsan Railway Rolling Stock Complex produced a lot of new freight cars.

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