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Pyongyang Boasts Ancient Gate
Pyongyang, January 13 (KCNA) -- There are many historic relics dating back to Koguryo period in Mt. Taesong northeast of Pyongyang.

Among them is the South Gate of Taesongsan Wall. It is believed to have been built before Koguryo shifted its capital to Pyongyang in 427.

Restored to its former glory in September of 1978, the gate adds to the scenic beauty of Mt. Taesong and stirs up national sentiment.

The 19.5 meter-high gate has a strong main base and supporting bases on its either side and the gatehouse built on the main base.

Those bases were built with square granite.

There is a gateway in the middle of the main base.

Its frontispiece is five kans (17.15m) and its flank is two kans (6.3m).

The gate is listed as a national heritage.

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