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New Dolmen Discovered
Pyongyang, January 4 (KCNA) -- A dolmen which was discovered recently in Unchon County, South Hwanghae Province, has drawn interest of archaeologists as it is of unusual structure.

Called Jongdong-ri dolmen No.5, it was found on the ridge of Mang Hill in Jongdong-ri.

A rectangular stone cover, 210cm long, 120cm wide and 40cm thick, shows up above the ground, with six grooves forming a constellation on its surface.

The underground chamber consists of a flat bottom stone, long upright stones in the south and north and small upright stones in the east and west.

The two long stones were reinforced with cobbles from outside at their two-thirds height. The small stone in the east was erected 35cm inside from the end of the long ones and that in the west was set up at the end of the long ones.

It is likely that the west stone was used as an entrance.

The new discovery represents the period of the transition from the dolmen modeled on Chimchon-ri dolmen to those on Odok-ri dolmen.

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