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Japan's Settlement of Its Past Crimes Demanded
Pyongyang, December 16 (KCNA) -- A 2010 meeting demanding the settlement of the crimes committed by Japan in the past took place in Tokyo on December 12.

Present there were delegations and delegates of different countries and regions affiliated to the International Solidarity Council Demanding Settlement of Japan's Past, delegates of NGO and civic organizations, lawyers and dietmen.

Read out there was a report of the Committee on Measures for Compensation to Former "Comfort Women" for Japanese Army and Drafting Victims under the title of "100 Years since the Fabrication of the 'Korea-Japan Annexation Treaty' and the Issue of Japan's Settlement of Its Past Crimes." The participants heard reports on their activities.

The reporters recalled that different countries and regions briskly conducted diverse activities such as signature campaigns and lectures demanding Japan's settlement of its past, activities urging reparation, review of witnesses' testimonies to the crimes committed by the Japanese imperialists, the campaign for returning cultural treasures looted by them.

They underscored the need to build up international public opinion aimed at wresting from Japan apology and reparation for its past crimes and stage worldwide positive activities for this purpose.

An appeal adopted there urged the Japanese government to make apology and reparation for its past aggression as early as possible.

It also urged the Japanese government and the Diet to establish a legislation and system for them, shape a necessary budget and inquire into the actual situation.

The appeal urged the Japanese government to adopt a responsible policy to ensure that the distortion of history is stopped and a proper education in history enforced.

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