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Kim Jong Il Inspects Work in Different Domains of Hoeryong City
Pyongyang, December 4 (KCNA) -- General Secretary Kim Jong Il gave field guidance to the work in different domains of Hoeryong City in North Hamgyong Province.

He visited the statue of Kim Jong Suk, anti-Japanese heroine, standing on Osan Hill to pay high tribute to her.

Going round the statue in humble reverence, he said that short as his mother's life was, it was a brilliant life of an ardent revolutionary who devoted everything to the struggle for liberation of the country and the victory of the Korean revolution and a lifeguard intensely loyal to President Kim Il Sung.

The first leg of his guidance was the Hoeryong Taesong Tobacco Factory.

He went round different places of the factory to acquaint himself in detail with the technological updating of the factory and the production there.

After looking round work sites, he expressed great satisfaction over the fact that the workers of the factory have kept its interior and exterior neat and tidy in terms of sanitation and cultured practice and technologically updated it, mass-producing quality cigarettes. He highly appreciated the achievements made by them.

Then he made the rounds of a gymnasium newly built by the factory to pay deep attention to the cultural and emotional life of the workers.

The second leg of his guidance was the newly built Hoeryong Foodstuff Processing Factory.

He went round different production processes to learn in detail about the construction and technological equipment of the factory and production there.

The factory is a modern foodstuff processing centre to be proud of as it was well designed and constructed at a high level and it is furnished with latest equipment, he noted, expressing great satisfaction over the fact that the factory was successfully built in a brief span of time as required by the new century.

After getting familiar with varieties of processed foodstuffs produced at the factory one by one, he said that not only the primary and second-stage processed products but finished products produced at the factory are high in quality and attractive. He was very pleased that it became possible to supply greater quantities of tasty and nutritious foodstuffs to people.

He stressed the need for the officials, workers and technicians of the factory to boost the production of processed foodstuffs including tasty and nutritious non-staple food to successfully carry out the behests of Kim Il Sung on completely freeing the women from the burden of household chores.

The third leg of his guidance was the Hoeryong Koryo Medicine Factory.

After being briefed on the factory before a large map showing its production processes, he went round the interior and exterior of the factory to learn in detail about the production there.

Noting that the officials, workers and technicians of the factory successfully put Koryo medicines on an extractive and scientific basis and the factory on a sterilized and dust-free basis and remarkably improved the quality of medicines, he highly praised them for devotedly working to implement the Party's policies.

Our ancestors lived in good health, curing diseases only by use of Koryo medicines for thousands of years, he said, adding that it is of weighty importance in promoting the people's health to develop traditional Koryo medicines.

In order to increase the efficiency of Koryo medicines in treatment it is necessary to resolutely put their production on a scientific, industrial and extractive basis, he noted.

The last leg of his guidance was the newly built Hoeryong Restaurant.

He learned about details of the magnificent and elegant restaurant including the inner structure, equipment and furnishings. Examining varieties of dishes, he acquainted in detail with its construction and operation.

The restaurant is flawless in all aspects ranging from its design to its construction and kitchen utensils as it is a good combination of national, classical and contemporary architectural beauty and elegant and exquisite architectural styles, he said, highly praising the officials and builders of the city for successfully building the most fashionable catering center as good as Okryu Restaurant in Pyongyang in a short span of time.

Then he went round the newly built street of a chain of restaurants in Hoeryong City.

Going round the street of soft drink stands and restaurants serving special food such as soup of entrails, rabbit, soup of uncurdled bean curd, maize food and chow mein, he highly praised the city for building the catering center in a peculiar style as required by the daily rising standard of people's living.

Looking round Hoeryong City, he set forth the tasks to be implemented to spruce up the city as required by the Songun era.

He was accompanied by O Su Yong, chief secretary of the North Hamgyong Provincial Committee of the WPK, Kim Ki Nam and Hong Sok Hyong, members of the Political Bureau and secretaries of the C.C., the WPK, Kim Kyong Hui, member of the Political Bureau and department director of the C.C., the WPK, Jang Song Thaek, alternate member of the Political Bureau of the C.C., the WPK and vice-chairman of the NDC, Pak To Chun and Thae Jong Su, alternate members of the Political Bureau and secretaries of the C.C., the WPK, and Hyon Chol Hae and Ri Myong Su, department directors of the NDC.

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