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Maneuvers of US-S. Korean Warmongers Denounced
Pyongyang, November 26 (KCNA) -- The British Branch of the Korean Friendship Association released a statement on November 18 denouncing the U.S. and south Korean warlike forces for the provocative war maneuvers codenamed Hoguk.

The statement noted that the above-said saber-rattling would be participated in by at least 70,000 U.S. forces and south Korean puppet troops and other forces.

It continued:

This is a version of various forms of exercises for a war of aggression including the Team Spirit joint military exercises which had been staged in south Korea for a long period to threaten peace on the Korean Peninsula and the rest of the world and part of the anti-DPRK moves that have persisted so far under the pretext of the "Cheonan" case.

The war exercises clearly indicate that the U.S. is pursuing an aim to stifle socialist Korea of Juche by force.

These maneuvers for aggression go to prove that the U.S. is not sincerely interested in the detente on the Korean Peninsula.

We demand the U.S. and south Korean warlike forces cancel at once the military exercises.

We call on the world peace-loving people to launch a campaign against the above-said saber-rattling.

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