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DPRK Significant Days Observed
Pyongyang, November 26 (KCNA) -- Meetings, lectures and film shows took place in Peru and Russia on November 16 and 17 on the occasions of the 19th anniversary of leader Kim Jong Il's assumption of the supreme commandership of the Korean People's Army and the 93rd birth anniversary of Kim Jong Suk, anti-Japanese heroine.

The participants of the film shows watched Korean films "The Party Founding Memorial Tower" and "Extravaganza Arirang."

The chairwoman of the Peruvian Association for the Study of Revolutionary Activities of Comrade Kim Jong Suk said at a meeting that Kim Jong Suk performed the most distinguished exploit by providing a sure guarantee for carrying forward and accomplishing the revolutionary cause of Juche in the DPRK. She is always alive in the hearts of the Korean people and world revolutionary people, she added.

The international secretary of the Communist Party of Peru (Red Motherland) said at a meeting that Kim Jong Suk is a paragon for the women and revolutionaries of all the countries as she dedicated herself to the genuine life of the Korean women.

The general director of the Triumf Company of Russia noted in his lecture that the WPK defended socialism to the last and has made great progress in the social development, adding that the WPK reelected Kim Jong Il as its general secretary, exalting its authority and prestige and increasing its militancy in every way.

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