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Ministry of Electronics Industry Hits Yearly Economy Target
Pyongyang, November 15 (KCNA) -- Officials, workers and technicians under the Ministry of Electronics Industry and units under it carried their yearly national economy quotas at 101 percent as of Monday.

The ministry channeled great efforts into supplying equipment and materials necessary for speeding up the technological updating and production at the industrial establishments under it.

Their officials, workers and technicians have steadily increased the production of equipment, automation elements and appliances to be sent to the construction sites of power stations and other fields.

The yearly plans were carried out at more than 110 percent at the Pyongyang Automation Instrument Factory and the Moranbong Automation Instrument Factory respectively.

The yearly production plans were also honored by the workers of the Saenal Electrical Factory and the Hamhung and Hongwon Automation Instrument Factories.

The Taedonggang Television Factory, the Sinuiju Electronic Gadget Factory, the Sariwon Electronic Gadget Factory and the Huichon Disabled Soldiers' Electronic Gadget Factory made contributions to the Electronic Gadget Management Bureau's overfulfillment of its yearly plan by 2.9 percent.

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