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Youth Hero Motorway
Pyongyang, November 13 (KCNA) -- Many monumental edifices built in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea are associated with heroic feats of young people.

Among them is the Youth Hero Motorway extending more than 40 kilometers from the fork to Mangyongdae to the Youth Bridge at the entrance of Nampho City.

The huge project, completed in October Juche 89 (2000) less than two years after the groundbreaking, strikingly demonstrated the indomitable mental power of the Korean youth to add luster to Kim Il Sung's Korea with the might of single-hearted unity.

They carried out the project though they lacked such things as machinery, fuel, cement, steel and timber, as well as food.

They provided earth for roadbed by themselves, converting several hundred hectares of cropland into fields of standardized shapes.

They removed much more than ten million cubic meters of earth, successfully finished the concrete tamping covering tens of thousands of cubic meters, planted millions of trees of some 60 species to create 30-meter wide forests on either side of the road and improved nearby streams.

They also built several dozen hectares of vineyards and thousands of dwelling houses in some areas along the motorway, adding beauty to their landscape.

General Secretary Kim Jong Il published a famous work, "The Youth Hero Motorway Is a Great Product of Our Party's Idea of Attaching Importance to the Youth", on November 13, 2000 to highly appreciate the feats performed by young men and women in the project.

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