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Puppet Prosecution's Suppression Blasted
Pyongyang, November 12 (KCNA) -- The Solidarity for Implementing the South-North Joint Declaration of south Korea issued a statement on November 5 denouncing the puppet prosecution for its unwarranted suppression of a member of the organization.

The statement accused the prosecution of arresting Chairman of the Executive Committee of the organization Mun Kyong Hwan on the charge of violating the "National Security Law" and not allowing him even to meet his family.

Recalling that when his family lodged a protest against its action, the prosecution justified it under an absurd pretext that "the action was taken for fear of destroying evidence and the danger of his escape," the statement branded this as an unjust action.

Lashing out at the security authorities' unwarranted investigation and human rights abuse, it declared the above-said organization would not stop its actions till he is released.

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