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Falsity of "Results of Investigation" into "Cheonan" Case Exposed Again
Pyongyang, November 8 (KCNA) -- The south Korean Media Verification Committee for Probe into the Truth behind the Case of Warship "Cheonan", made up of three media organizations including the Journalist Association, on November 3 clarified again that the warship was not sunken by a torpedo attack.

The organization referred to the fact that a shell covered with flower-like white substance was discovered from the inside of the torpedo propelling body produced by the authorities as overwhelming evidence when announcing the results of the investigation into the "Cheonan" case. This indicates the propelling body has nothing to do with the case, it added.

The white substance was formed in the long floating of substance in solid state in the water, the organization held, adding that this proves the shell existed inside the propelling body even before the formation of the substance.

Had this white substance been what was adsorbed in the course of explosion, it could not have remained in such flower shape on the shell, the organization asserted.

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