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Resolution to Struggle against Fascist Suppression Expressed in S. Korea
Pyongyang, November 7 (KCNA) -- The Students Committee of the Youth and Students Solidarity for Implementing the June 15 Joint Declaration in south Korea Wednesday issued a statement on the 81st anniversary of the Kwangju student incident.

Recalling that the Kwangju student movement was launched on Nov. 3, 1929 to protest against the harsh colonial rule and predatory policy of the Japanese imperialists, the statement said that this struggle started by youth and students in Kwangju rapidly expanded throughout the country to turn into a fierce anti-Japanese resistance.

The present reality requires the youth and students to stand in the van of the struggle of justice against dictatorship and suppression, it said.

The conservative group is nowadays kicking up a racket of reckless repression with mobilization of military forces under the pretext of "prevention of terrorism" with an international meeting as an occasion, the statement said, stressing the need for the youth and students to valiantly struggle against it.

It declared that the youth and students would turn out in the struggle to put an end to the present dictatorial regime by inheriting the fighting spirit of the Kwangju students and joining efforts with the righteous people.

It called upon the youth and students to cherish firm confidence in victory and wage a vigorous struggle so as to surly punish the present regime suppressing the popular masses.

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