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Rim Jung Ryang, Commander of Anti-Japanese Volunteer Corps
Pyongyang, November 5 (KCNA) -- Recorded in the history of Korea were names of volunteer corps commanders who fought bravely against the Japanese aggressors during the Imjin Patriotic War (1592-1598).

Among them is Rim Jung Ryang who was active in the Pyongyang and Junghwa areas.

When the invaders reached the Junghwa area (now Junghwa County, North Hwanghae Province), he formed a volunteer corps with some 400 people and became its commander.

His corps assaulted the enemies plundering the Pyongyang and Junghwa areas and those traveling for communication with other areas.

The Japanese aggressors, menaced by activities of his volunteer corps, attacked the fortress where the corps was stationed in November 1592 by mobilizing huge forces.

But the volunteers, under the command of Rim, gave a heavy blow to the enemies in the battle.

Rim's feats in many battles to defend the country have long been told among the people.

Some buildings used by him and an epitaph of his services still remain intact in Sangam-ri, Kangnam County, North Hwanghae Province.

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