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Japanese Imperialists' Forcible Drafting of Koreans Denounced
Pyongyang, November 5 (KCNA) -- The Committee for Investigating Damage Done by Japan through Forcible Mobilization during Resistance against It and Supporting Victims of Forcible Mobilization Abroad, Etc. in south Korea on Nov. 1 exposed the damage done to Koreans who were taken to Japan in the period of the Japanese imperialists' colonial rule over Korea.

The organization opened to the public a report of investigation which it conducted from 2006 up to the present time with the help of relevant data and testimonies made by survivors and through field investigation to disclose the truth about the damage done to the Koreans who were forcibly mobilized for the construction of a hydroelectric power station in Hokkaido, Japan, in the 1940s.

According to the report, the construction of the power station which was pushed forward as part of "state policy" of the Japanese imperialists was reminiscent of a living hell and more than 1 000 Koreans were forced to do slavery labor.

The Japanese imperialists hustled the Koreans into the most dangerous work and allowed them to go out of prison-like lodgings only at work time.

The Koreans were forced into grueling jobs for more than 13 hours a day and suffered a lot from such unsanitary living conditions as living in a room with more than 100 men.

They were often beaten in the middle of work and anyone who was captured while fleeing was mercilessly executed in the eyes of his fellow Koreans.

The organization declared that it would extend the scope of investigation into forcible drafting of Koreans in the area of Hokkaido.

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