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Congratulatory Message to Kim Jong Il
Pyongyang, October 9 (KCNA) -- General Secretary Kim Jong Il was presented with a joint congratulatory message on Saturday by the Central Committee and Central Military Commission of the Workers' Party Korea, the National Defence Commission of the DPRK, the Presidium of the Supreme People's Assembly and the Cabinet on the occasion of the 65th birthday of the WPK.

The congratulatory message said that President Kim Il Sung's proclamation of the founding of the WPK on Oct. 10, Juche 34 (1945) before the whole world was not only a solemn declaration that heralded the birth of a revolutionary party of new type guided by the immortal Juche idea but a great event that ushered in the most brilliant era of the WPK in the history of the Korean people spanning 5 000 years.

Recalling that Kim Il Sung founded a revolutionary party of Juche type with his unique idea and extraordinary leadership, built on this land a socialist power, independent in politics, self-supporting in economy and self-reliant in national defence and laid an ever-lasting solid foundation for eternal prosperity of the party, the country and people, the message stressed that his undying revolutionary exploits will shine forever along with the history of the WPK.

It pointed out that the WPK has ushered in the greatest heyday in its development, a period of great prosperity in the era of the WPK, demonstrating its invincible might under Kim Jong Il's experienced and tested guidance.

The WPK Conference's decision on reelecting you as general secretary of the WPK is the history's official recognition of your distinguished political caliber and undying revolutionary feats you have performed by leading the cause of building a Juche-oriented party and the cause of socialism to one victory after another, leading the struggle to weather the tempest of the more than half a century-long revolution and a manifestation of the will of the whole party and army and all the people, the message noted, and went on:

You have led the WPK to demonstrate its dignity as a revolutionary party of Juche type, the party of Comrade Kim Il Sung, steadfastly carrying forward his idea and cause. This is the greatest feat you have performed on behalf of the times and the revolution.

What occupies a distinguished place in the immortal revolutionary exploits you have performed by strengthening and developing the WPK into the glorious party of Comrade Kim Il Sung is that you carried forward his idea of attaching importance to the army, thus making it possible for the party to demonstrate its might as a guiding force steering the Songun revolutionary cause to one victory after another.

The army and people have deeply grasped through the dramatic changes that have taken place in the position of the DPRK the truth that only when they have a statesman of general style with literary and military accomplishments at the top posts of the party, the army and state can they demonstrate the authority and national power of the country and exalt the dignity and honor of the nation all over the world.

It is a historic review of the WPK and revolution that you are identical to Comrade Kim Il Sung and it is possible to strengthen and develop the WPK into an eternal party of Comrade Kim Il Sung and accomplish the revolutionary cause of Juche started in the forest of Mt. Paektu only when all the people remain true to your idea and leadership.

The congratulatory message evinced the will to eternally glorify the party and the country as a glorious party of Kim Il Sung, Kim Il Sung's Korea and give steady continuity to his history on this land.

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