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Harvest Moon Day
Pyongyang, September 22 (KCNA) -- The fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month is the Harvest Moon Day, one of the greatest folk holidays the Korean people have observed from long ago.

It is derived from a custom of the Koreans enjoying the full moon in autumn when the harvest of crops and fruits is plenteous.

According to historical records, they began enjoying the holiday in the early years of three kingdoms (Koguryo, Paekje and Silla).

The first thing to be done in the day is to visit tombs of ancestors to weed them and hold memorial services with dishes prepared with new crops of the year.

Typical holiday dishes and drink are half-moon-shaped rice cake, rice cake seasoned with glutinous rice and malt flours, dumpling stuffed with chestnuts and wine made of glutinous rice.

Ssirum (Korean wrestling), swing, tug of war, handweaving and other amusements are popular that day.

In the evening, people climb hills or spread straw mats on their courtyards to look at the full moon, cherishing desires and reciting poems and singing songs reflecting their dreams. They also foresee the crop yield of the year from the brightness of the moon.

The custom has been carried forward to meet the requirement of the times and suit the Korean people's noble traits and feelings.

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