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Pomhyanggi Cosmetics Enjoy Popularity
Pyongyang, September 13 (KCNA) -- Pomhyanggi-trademarked cosmetics produced by the Sinuiju Cosmetics Factory in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea are popular in the country.

They are in good demand not only in towns but in rural communities throughout the country.

They are made with quality mineral water, well-known Kaesong Koryo insam (ginseng) essence and various herbs.

Different kinds of facial cream, lotion and hair treatment help protect the skin and prevent aging and loss of hair.

The factory has concentrated on developing new kinds of functional cosmetics based on advanced science and technology.

It has already developed some ten kinds of functional cosmetics, including cream for protecting aging, whitening lotion and nutritive liquid and dishcloth gourd lotion.

They are marketable at home and in other countries, including China and Venezuela.

Kim Mu Hyon, chief of the technological section of the factory, told KCNA that the demand of the new cosmetics was ever increasing among not only women but also men.

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