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"GNP" Accused of Moves for Revision of Fascist Law
Pyongyang, September 5 (KCNA) -- The People's Solidarity for the Repeal of the "National Security Law" held a press conference on Sept. 2 denouncing the "Grand National Party" for seeking to retrogressively revise the fascist law.

The organization in a press release accused the GNP group of submitting to the "National Assembly" a "proposal on revising the SL" containing a poisonous provision that if a court rules any organization is an "enemy-benefiting organization," it should be disbanded.

The organization charged that since the fabrication of the SL, it has earned an ill-fame as a tool for suppressing many progressive figures and organizations and the suppression of people by this evil law has become evermore undisguised under the present regime, arousing serious concern.

If the SL is allowed to undergo a retrogressive revision under this situation, it will entail such serious consequences as forcing civic and public organizations engaged in legitimate activities to disorganize themselves, the organization held, warning that the group of the treacherous party will be branded as an undemocratic and anti-reunification group for advancing the above-said proposal and certainly face a judgment of the people.

The organization will carry on the struggle to the last for the repeal of the SL, it noted.

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