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Performances Given across Country
Pyongyang, August 25 (KCNA) -- The 50th anniversary of General Secretary Kim Jong Il's start of the Songun revolutionary leadership was significantly celebrated across the country.

Performances were given in Pyongyang and localities.

Given at the East Pyongyang Grand Theater was a performance given by artistes of central art organizations including those of the Mansudae Art Troupe and the State Folk Art Troupe.

Put on the stage were such colorful numbers as prologue "Half a Century-long Journey of Songun", female solo and chorus "My Country of Songun," male solo and female pangchang "Tell, Road of Songun" and female instrumental ensemble "We Long for You, General".

The State Symphony Orchestra gave a concert at the Moranbong Theatre while the Orchestra of the Yun I Sang Music Institute at the Yun I Sang Concert Hall.

Revolutionary opera "A True Daughter of the Party" was staged at the Pyongyang Grand Theatre while a performance of artistes of the art squad of the Central Committee of the Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League at the Central Youth Hall.

The artistes of the Pyongyang Circus pleased the audience with peculiar acrobatic numbers.

Multifarious functions such as a music and dance performance, an oratorical meeting and dancing party were held in various parts of the country, adding to the festive atmosphere.

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