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Japan Urged to Make Apology for Its Past Crimes
Pyongyang, August 22 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Central Committee of the Democratic Front for the Reunification of Korea made public a statement on Sunday on the occasion of the lapse of a centenary since the Japanese imperialists fabricated the illegal "Korea-Japan Annexation Treaty".

The statement said that the treaty cooked up by the Japanese imperialist aggressors on August 22, 1910, was a completely illegal and invalid document and an unprecedented criminal document of aggression in view of historical facts and from the viewpoint of international law.

The Japanese imperialists enforced the harshest colonial rule in history over Korea, bringing unspeakably horrible misfortune and sufferings and disasters to the Korean nation, the statement noted, and went on:

Japan should make a sincere apology and make full reparation to the Korean nation for its aggression and crimes against humanity.

Japan has not yet admitted the past hideous state-sponsored crimes and dodged the responsibility for redeeming them. On the contrary it is working with blood-shot eyes to stage a comeback to Korea, as evidenced by its bid to grab Tok Islets, distorting and beautifying its history of aggression.

A particular mention should be made of the fact that the Japanese reactionaries have become evermore undisguised in their moves to hatch plots and apply sanctions against the DPRK and persecute and crack down upon the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan, in pursuance of the U.S. hostile policy toward it. They are taking part in the anti-DPRK war maneuvers of the U.S. and the south Korean puppet authorities in a bid to realize the old dream of the "Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere."

The Japanese reactionaries' moves for reinvasion and anti-DPRK smear campaign are encouraged by the Lee Myung Bak group's sycophancy and treachery to serve Japan.

The DPRK will force Japan to make an apology and reparation for the crimes committed by it to the last, staking the dignity and honor of the Korean nation, and never pardon the Japanese reactionaries' anachronistic moves for reinvasion of Korea and confrontation with the DPRK.

The Japanese reactionaries had better stop their rash actions, clearly aware that their reinvasion moves and anti-DPRK racket going against the need of the times will only bring them self-destruction. They should promptly make sincere apology and reparation for the past crimes.

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