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Unity of S. Korean Progressive Forces Called for
Pyongyang, August 9 (KCNA) -- The progressive forces of south Korea aspiring after social progress, the improved inter-Korean relations and the country's reunification should unite close under the one banner in order to foil the moves of the south Korean group of traitors, Rodong Sinmun Monday urges in a signed article.

It goes on:

In order to smash the evermore undisguised treacherous moves of the reactionary conservative forces all the progressive forces of south Korea should positively achieve solidarity and alliance irrespective of ideology, affiliation and religion.

The results of the "elections to local self-governing bodies" held last June reinforced the faith that the south Korean people can certainly overpower any dictatorial forces when they go united in their actions and, at the same time, taught a lesson that they should wage an uncompromising stubborn struggle against the conservative forces till they are eliminated.

The united dynamic actions staged by the progressive forces of south Korea against the "government" and the "Grand National Party" forced the group of traitors to suffer a bitter crushing defeat in the "elections to local self-governing bodies."

Independence, democracy and reunification are what the south Korean people unanimously desire. The progressive forces of south Korea are calling for independence, democracy and reunification though they differ from each other in ideology and ism. Independence, democracy and reunification, therefore, serve as a banner common to the progressive forces of south Korea.

Independence, democracy and reunification so much desired by the south Korean people will certainly come true when the progressive forces deal by dint of unity and overwhelming superiority sledge-hammer blows at the reactionary conservative forces standing in the way of the independence and democracy of society and national reunification.

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