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Pyongyang Consumer Goods Exhibition Ends
Pyongyang, August 3 (KCNA) -- A consumer goods show took place at the Three-Revolution Exhibition in Pyongyang between July 22 and 29.

Presented to the show, namely the Pyongyang City Exhibition of August 3 Consumer Goods, were more than 58,300 goods of 1,400 kinds produced by factories, enterprises and other production units in the city.

Ko In Sil, a department director of the Pyongyang City People's Committee, told KCNA that this year the variety of consumer goods had increased 1.4 times that of last year and that a large number of quality goods had been displayed at the show.

Songyo, Phyongchon, Taedonggang and Rangnang districts were highly appreciated at the show for their various and fine exhibits.

Textile goods, including children's dresses and housedresses of various models and colors, manufactured by the Songyo Knitted Goods Factory enjoyed popularity among visitors.

Various kinds of handcarts made by the Phyongchon Daily Necessities Factory and a portable gas cooker made by the Moranbong Automation Instrument Factory also attracted attention of visitors.

Also conspicuous at the show were knitted clothes and blinds from the reutilization production work-team of the Taedonggang District Direct Sales Shop, foodstuffs including maize bread with natural nutriments from the Munsu Foodstuff Factory, hand mirrors and handbags from the Housewives' Work-team Management Office of Central District and

stone-processed goods from Kangdong County.

The exhibition showed the August 3 consumer goods production movement had been further developed in the country to meet increasing public demand for consumer goods.

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