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Multipurpose Alarm Developed
Pyongyang, July 30 (KCNA) -- A multipurpose alarm has recently been developed by the Korea Chongchun Trading Company.

The invention consists of a main body, a remote controller and heat, gas, infrared ray and magnetism sensors.

When any sign of danger is sensed, it automatically makes an immediate call to people through recorded phone numbers to prevent possible damages.

It detects a slight sign of gas leakage and senses heat in the preset temperature between 30 and 60 degrees centigrade.

The signals between sensors, remote controller and main body are transmitted either with or without wire. The infrared sensor works within 12 meters, while the magnetism sensor gives an alarm signal when a magnet installed on the edge of door is apart more than ten millimeters from the sensor attached to the doorframe.

The remote controller works within the radius of 150 meters.

The device, which can be connected with telephone, mobile phone and computer network, is operated by battery.

Kim Chol Nam, a 28-year-old worker of the Pyongyang Piano J.V. Company, told KCNA it had already been introduced in the company to prove very effective.

Choe Yong Ik, a 78-year-old resident in Central District, Pyongyang, said the aged and patients staying alone at home could make an emergency call with this system when they need help.

The patent alarm was developed by Kim Myong Hwa, 46, chief of the IT Interchange Section of the company.

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