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Unity of Progressive Forces Called for
Pyongyang, July 25 (KCNA) -- The unity of the progressive forces provides an important way for putting an end to the fascist dictatorship rule of the conservative forces and achieving independence, democracy and reunification. Rodong Sinmun Sunday says this in a signed article carried as regards confrontation between the progressive and conservative forces getting acute again in south Korea in the run-up to "by-election to the National Assembly."

The article goes on:

The "Grand National Party" is a political party of ultra-right conservatives which dampens the desire of the people for independence and checks the advance of history.

No sooner had it come to power than the conservative group, putting forward the "tightened alliance" with the U.S. as its top priority task, offered south Korean markets for the U.S. beef, begged it to "stop reducing" the number of its forces and increased the expenses for the upkeep of the U.S. troops, etc., thus making no scruple of selling off the interests of the south Korean people to foreign forces.

The brutal suppression of peaceful candlelight demonstrations by riot police, the moves to put media under control and the racket kicked up for wholesale suppression of the progressive forces are a clear proof of the grim reality in south Korea in which the past dictatorial era is reviving.

South Korea has become all the more dependent on the U.S., the progressive reform made backward movement and the inter-Korean relations were pushed to a total collapse after the GNP's seizure of power again in south Korea. This reality clearly proves that it is impossible to realize the desire of the people for independence, democracy and reunification as long as the present conservative rulers are allowed to stay in power.

The prevailing realty requires the south Korean progressive forces of various circles to positively unite and achieve solidarity and alliance irrespective of ideology, isms and doctrines.

Only when the final destruction is meted out to the group of the GNP can the south Korean people achieve their cherished desire for independence, democracy and reunification, the article concludes.

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