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US Unreasonable Provocation against DPRK Flayed
Pyongyang, July 25 (KCNA) -- The Nepalese Committee for Supporting the Reunification of Korea, the Nepalese National Memorial Committee for the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung, the Afro-Asian People's Solidarity Committee of Nepal, the Nepalese Association for Supporting the Songun Politics, the Nepal Journalist Association, the National Press Club of Nepal, the Study Forum for Self-Reliance of Nepal, the Women's Committee for Self-Reliance Studies of Nepal and the Peace Action Committee of Nepal issued a joint statement on July 14 on the occasion of the June 25-July 27 month of anti-U.S. joint struggle.

The statement said that the public organizations, friendship and solidarity organizations and journalists in Nepal extend solidarity to the Korean people in their anti-U.S. struggle, expressing the belief that they will certainly emerge victorious in their just cause for defending the independence and dignity.

The statement urged the U.S. to drop the hostile policy toward the DPRK and make efforts to defuse the military tension on the Korean Peninsula.

It said that the Korean problem should be solved according to the resolution of the 30th U.N. General Assembly on dismantling the UN Command in south Korea and withdrawing the U.S. forces from there.

The Kazakh Kim Jong Il Association for the Study and Dissemination of the Juche Idea sent a protest letter to the U.S. embassy in Astana on July 17 strongly urging the U.S. to stop at once the unreasonable provocation against the DPRK and drop the inveterate bad habit of provoking others and distorting truth.

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