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Swimming Brisk in DPRK
Pyongyang, July 15 (KCNA) -- Swimming is being encouraged in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea during the months of maritime physical culture (July and August).

Swimming and wading pools and bathing resorts in all parts of the country are crowded every day.

In Pyongyang many students and children are enjoying themselves at the swimming pool on Panwol Islet and wading pools in Mangyongdae and the Munsu Funfair.

Primary and secondary schools and other educational institutions in coastal areas, including Wonsan, Nampho and Hamhung, have organized after-school swimming activities and swimming contests in an effective way.

They have also taught students river crossing, flag semaphore, boating, etc.

Swimming is gaining increasing public interest in the country.

Industrial establishments have organized swimming contests for their employees, giving them a proper knowledge of swimming and encouraging them to enjoy it.

The Majon Pleasure Park, Songdowon Bathing Resort and Sariwon Open-air Swimming Pool have been facelifted and conditions of maritime physical culture improved throughout the country under the care of the Government.

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