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Kim Il Sung Remembered by Koreans in China
Pyongyang, July 12 (KCNA) -- The General Association of Koreans in China held a remembrance meeting in Shenyang on July 7 to commemorate the 16th anniversary of demise of President
Kim Il Sung.

Choe Un Bok, chairperson of the association, said at the meeting that all Koreans in China recollect the immortal revolutionary exploits of Kim Il Sung with unbounded reverence and yearning for him that is getting deeper as days go by.

He is the eternal leader of the Korean people and the sun of humankind who glorified the annals of the 20th century by performing tremendous exploits in the struggle to hew out the destiny of the nation and realize the human cause of independence with his great revolutionary idea and gigantic revolutionary practice, the speaker said.

The chairperson noted that General Secretary Kim Jong Il took measure to hold Kim Il Sung in high esteem as the eternal President of the DPRK and wisely led the whole party and state and all the people to implement the last instructions of the President.

The broad sections of compatriots should turn out as one in the struggle to defend the security of the Korean Peninsula and accelerate the independent reunification of the country by preserving and implementing the June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration under the banner of "By our nation itself", the chairperson stressed.

A letter to Kim Jong Il was adopted there.

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