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Japan's Moves to Tamper with History Slashed
Pyongyang, June 17 (KCNA) -- The Japanese reactionaries have run the whole gamut of intrigues to play down and write off the crimes committed by the Japanese imperialists in the past, distorting and denying their history of aggression.

Rodong Sinmun Thursday observes in a signed article in this regard:

The Japanese reactionaries' moves to distort history were prompted by an attempt to create the impression that as a "pacifist state" Japan has done only "good things" down through generations and such history is still going on.

Japan is taking much pain to emerge a political power, boasting of being an economic power. But a hurdle lying in the way of achieving this aim is that Japan is not trusted by the international community. Asian countries and many other countries of the world reject Japan, being cautious about it. Precisely for this reason the Japanese reactionaries are keen to distort and deny the past history of aggression at any cost in a bid to divert elsewhere the worldwide vigilance against them and create an environment favorable for gaining permanent membership of the UNSC under the guise of a "peace champion."

Lurking behind the above-said moves is a black-hearted intention to go without making reparation to the victims of Japanese aggression. The Japanese reactionaries have become so adamant as to persistently misrepresent and deny Japan's past crimes.

It is their calculation that Japan's past crimes will be glossed over with the passage of time and this will help create an environment favorable for repeating them. This is a dangerous way of thinking of those who are steeped in the idea of militarist aggression to the marrow of their bones.

The harder the Japanese reactionaries work to launch their reinvasion, tampering with their crime-woven history, the bitterer rebuff and condemnation they will face in the eyes of the international community and the deeper mire of isolation and destruction they will find themselves.

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