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Rice-Transplanting Completed in Major Paddy Fields
Pyongyang, June 17 (KCNA) -- Rice-transplantation was wound up in the major paddy fields in the countryside of the DPRK.

It was completed earlier than in other areas on the farms associated with the leadership exploits of the peerless great persons including the co-op farms in Migok of Sariwon City, Samjigang of Jaeryong County, Sinam of Ryongchon County, Unhung of Thaechon County and Chongsan of Kangso District.

The agricultural workers of the Samjigang Co-op Farm in Jaeryong County succeeded in finishing the rice-transplantation in a brief span of time on their own.

The farms in Yonbaek, Yoltusamcholli, Unjon and Onchon plains increased the responsibilities and roles of drivers of rice- transplanting machines and rice-seedling feeders, while improving the management of beds for rice seedlings. As a result, they transplanted them in larger areas of paddies than planned.

The farms in the Kindung Plain, Hwangju, and the Phungdok Plain ensured a high tempo in the rice-transplantation, while doing the job as required by the Juche farming method by giving definite priority to watering the rice-fields and harrowing and concentrating all manpower and machines on the job.

The agricultural workers on the co-op fields on the East Coast including the Anbyon Plain successfully pushed forward the rice-transplantation by effectively using farm machines and draught cattle.

The rice-transplantation was also wound up in the alpine areas in the right time.

Many working people of ministries, national institutions, organs in provinces, cities and counties and industrial enterprises went to socialist co-op farms and worked hard in a manner befitting masters while artistes of various art troupes conducted brisk agitation, contributing to the above-said successes.

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