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Ssukttok, National Food
Pyongyang, June 17 (KCNA) -- The Chilgol Folk Restaurant in Kwangbok Street, Pyongyang, serves national dishes, including nearly ten sorts of ssukttok (rice cake seasoned with wormwood).

With the beginning of summer, many people have visited the restaurant to take ssukttok.

Ssukttok is well known for its high medicinal effect and peculiar taste.

The Korean people have long used wormwood as medicinal and food material as it contains vitamin B1, B2, C and PP, protein, fatty, mineral and other matters.

Fancy, tailshaped and half-moon-shaped rice cakes and glutinous rice-cake stuffed with red-bean jam are seasoned with wormwood.

Ssukttok, with distinct scent and color, is gummier than other kinds of rice-cake and does not become putrid and hard in a short time.

It helps prevent illness resulting from body chill and improve stomach and intestines. It is also efficacious for various diseases.

It is a custom of the Korean people to gather fresh wormwood and prepare ssukttok every year.

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