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Remains of Korean Victims of Drafting Unearthed in Japan
Pyongyang, June 12 (KCNA) -- Remains of Koreans who were killed after being taken to an airfield construction in Hokkaido of Japan during the Japanese imperialists' military occupation were unearthed.

The "Hokkaido Forum Thinking of Forcible Drafting, Forcible Enlistment", a non-governmental investigation organization, a religious organization and a local self-governing body and others jointly conducted the 3rd survey of remains of Korean victims of forcible drafting from May 1 to 7 which resulted in unearthing remains of 19 dead bodies and relics.

In the course of discovering them, they found remains of three dead bodies lying one upon another in a hollow and their bones, in particular, stuck with nails. This shows what horrible forced labor and ill-treatment they were subjected to and how crudely the remains were handled at that time.

A Japanese member of the investigation team said that it was painful for him to see the remains which bear witness to the Japanese imperialists' past colonial domination and their harsh forcible drafting, adding that he could not but feel the responsibility for this wrong doing as a citizen of Japan, the assailant.

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