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Psychological Warfare of Imperialists under Fire
Pyongyang, May 31 (KCNA) -- Psychological warfare is the trite method employed by the imperialists for invading and bringing down other countries and putting them under their domination.

Rodong Sinmun Monday says this in a signed article.

Through the above-said warfare the imperialists seek to shake the faith of the peoples of the anti-imperialist and independent countries in their causes, make them harbor an illusion about imperialism and lead them to unconditional surrender and defection, the article notes.

Citing what happened in various countries of East Europe where decades' old socialism collapsed and in Iraq as examples, the article goes on:

The psychological warfare of the imperialists can be likened to an invisible dangerous dagger as it is aimed at isolating and stifling the anti-imperialist and independent countries or realizing regime changes there and bringing down their systems.

Those who have their consciousness of national independence and class benumbed due to the above-said warfare are bound to nurture an illusion about imperialism and non-resistance against it and distrust and betrayal of their cause and system without exception.

The imperialists use even a military force as one of the basic means for psychological warfare. Underlying their disturbing military moves such as expansion of military spending, development and deployment of new type WMDs, the expansion and strengthening of military alliances, large-scale war maneuvers involving huge troops is a scenario to put psychological pressure upon the anti-imperialist and independent countries including socialist countries and create horror and unrest among the people and, at the same time, enfeeble them by plugging them into an arms race to achieve their hegemonic purpose with ease.

It is part of psychological warfare for the U.S. to occasionally open to media those weapons still at the experimental phase. It goes without saying that this gesture is aimed at striking horror into people and making them yield to the U.S.

The imperialists are running the whole gamut of propaganda media in a bid to float all kinds of misinformation for the purpose of hiding their acts of aggression and war with the veil of "justice" and, at the same time, creating an illusion about capitalism under the signboard of "cooperation" and "exchange."

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