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KCNA Warns S. Korea's "Theory of Retaliation"
Pyongyang, May 25 (KCNA) -- The south Korean bellicose forces dare vociferate about "punishment" and "retaliation" in the wake of their perpetration of an unpardonable act of branding the DPRK as the real culprit in sinking warship "Cheonan".

They announced "the results of investigation" in which they failed to find out the proper cause of the case and the criminal involved in it, but have since become busy inciting in south Korea an extreme atmosphere of confrontation with fellow countrymen and conducting solicitation diplomacy for "cooperation" in their anti-DPRK campaign.

Through traitor Lee Myung Bak's "statement to the people" and the joint press conference held by the chiefs of the puppet ministries of defense, foreign affairs and trade and unification, the south Korean authorities put forward a "proposal for sanctions" against the DPRK based on "retaliation". And they formally announced a ban on the passage of DPRK's ships through waters of the south side, "stop to trade and exchange between the south and the north", the exercise of "the right to self-defense" and the reference of the case to the UNSC.

They are massively deploying offensive armed forces in the West Sea, calling for "stern punishment" and blustering that "they would not rule out a war." In another development, forces of the puppet police agency and officials of administrative institutions and those of ruling and opposition parties are busy with the moves to implement an "emergency order".

The situation remains tensest on the Korean Peninsula due to the Lee Myung Bak conservative group which regards the sinking of the warship as the best opportunity to escalate the inter-Korean confrontation.

The "theory of retaliation" touted by the Lee group of traitors betrays the final aim sought by it in cooking up the unprecedented case--the sinking of the warship.

No sooner had the case occurred than the conservative group made the fiction that the "warship was sunken by the north" an established fact as if it had been waiting for the case to happen. It cried out for "retaliation" including military measures.

Even before the case was probed, the group discussed the issue of making a switchover to building a defense foundation based on the "theory of retaliation" and formally handled the issue of having access to powerful "deterrent" as part of the "resolute retaliatory measure".

Orders were issued to strengthen the "emergency alert posture" and "establish strict discipline among officials" and there is such terror-ridden atmosphere in south Korea that even its politicians comment that the "Korean Peninsula is in a semi-war state psychologically."

The military gangsters of south Korea committed such serious provocations as resuming the anti-DPRK psychological warfare in the area along the Military Demarcation Line against the backdrop of evermore undisguised moves to escalate the confrontation with the DPRK under the pretext of the sinking of warship "Cheonan".

The south Korean authorities' loud-mouthed "counteraction" over the case of "Cheonan" is part of the scenario to boost the international cooperation in the campaign against the DPRK.

Taking advantage of this case, they are giving momentum to strengthening the alliance against the DPRK, the military alliance in particular.

The U.S. and south Korean military warmongers put their heads together to discuss the issue of staging large-scale combined anti-submarine maneuvers in the West Sea in the latter half of this year under the simulated conditions of an actual war on the pretence of the above-said case.

They discussed bilateral counter-actions such as the strengthening of the south Korea-U.S. combined defense posture and issuing a declaration on boosting the alliance.

The ulterior aim sought by the south Korean group of traitors in spreading "the theory of retaliation" with the sinking of the warship as a momentum is to stir up the atmosphere of sanctions against the DPRK on the international arena in an effort to block its cause of building a thriving nation.

The Lee group's trumpeting about "retaliation" under the pretext of the case of the warship is a carefully worked out provocation to secure a pretext for igniting a war of aggression against the DPRK.

It is the ultimate aim sought by the group in crying out for "retaliation" against the DPRK to round off the preparations for a war against it.

These facts disclose the sinister intention of the group of traitors to make its trumpeting about "retaliation" over the case of warship serve the treble purpose.

This is, however, nothing but bluffing reminiscent of a puppy knowing no fear of a tiger.

The DPRK regards the present situation created by the campaign of the south Korean puppet forces for "retaliating" against their innocent compatriots as a serious phase of a war.

The group of traitors would be well advised to stop going reckless, well aware of the merciless punishment to be meted out to them by the DPRK's unpredictably strong counter-measures.

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