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Kim Jong Il Visits Construction Sites of Power Station
Pyongyang, May 20 (KCNA) -- General Secretary Kim Jong Il provided field guidance to the Orangchon Power Station under construction and the Chongjin Rabbit Breeding Stock Farm.

The first leg of his guidance was the construction sites of the Orangchon Power Station.

After being briefed on the power station before a huge map showing its panoramic view, he looked round various places of the construction sites to acquaint himself in detail with the progress made in the construction.

Saying it is very good that officials, workers and technicians have advanced the project three years ahead of schedule while saving a lot of materials, he appreciated their creative and innovative work style.

Orangchon Power Station No. 2 is located in a good place and was designed well strictly on the principle of profitability as is the case with Power Station No. 1, he noted, praising the constructors for creating a precious asset conducive to the building of a rich and powerful country and encouraging them in their labor drive.

He said that if power stations are built at different levels in the days ahead under a long-term design of the power station, it is possible to make a comprehensive use of the water of the River Orang for generating a large volume of electricity and turning the landscape of the area more beautiful.

Making the round of the construction site of the Phalhyang Dam of the power station, he was greatly pleased to see the dam construction making rapid progress. He extended a warm salute to all the builders.

He advanced important tasks that would serve as guidelines for completing the construction of the power station earlier than scheduled, and showed such great loving care as personally unraveling the knotty problems on the spot.

It is economical to build hydro-power stations in the natural and geographical environment of the country which abounds in rivers and streams, and to do so provides the shortest cut to satisfactorily meeting the ever-growing demand for electricity, he said, underscoring the need to continue thoroughly implementing the Party's policy for building minor hydro-power stations in a big way while constructing large ones.

He called for building more new power stations by tapping all hydro-resources while giving fullest play to the capacities of the existing power stations.

The next leg of his guidance was the Chongjin Rabbit Breeding Stock Farm.

He went round rabbit coops and veterinary treatment rooms and various other places of the farm to learn in detail about its technical equipment and production.

He expressed great satisfaction over the fact that the province successfully built the breeding stock farm, rapidly increasing the production of leverets and supplying large quantities of duck to the people by raising rabbits and ducks simultaneously.

He underscored the need to actively encourage the rabbit breeding as rabbits are domestic animals which ensure not only high productivity but great economic profitability because it is easy to raise them wherever there is grass and indicated ways to massively breed rabbits.

Feasting his eyes on the arrowroot mountain behind the village and grass land on the field in front of it, he said that if rabbits are raised the way this breeding stock farm does, it is possible to thoroughly implement the Party's policy on breeding grass-eating animals in a big way to enable the Korean people to have rich diet. He called on all units to follow its example.

It is possible to raise a lot of grass-eating animals including goats and rabbits in every part of the country with many mountains, he said, underlining the need to more dynamically conduct this work as a mass movement so as to bring about a great leap forward in turning out livestock products.

He learned about economic affairs in North Hamgyong Province and set forth tasks to be fulfilled by it to place them on a new higher level.

Saying that the province has an important role to play for the nation's economic development, he called on it to play a vanguard role in building an economic power.

He was accompanied by Hong Sok Hyong, chief secretary of the North Hamgyong Provincial Committee of the WPK, Secretary Kim Ki Nam, Department Directors Kim Kyong Hui and Jang Song Thaek and First Vice Department Directors Ju Kyu Chang and Ri Je Gang of the WPK Central Committee and Hyon Chol Hae and Ri Myong Su, department directors of the NDC.

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