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CPRK Bring Charge against S. Korean Group
Pyongyang, May 19 (KCNA) -- The Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea released an indictment Wednesday blasting the south Korean puppet conservative group for its criminal act of having bedeviled the north-south relations since the emergence of its conservative regime in south Korea.

Branding the south Korean puppet conservative group as one of most wicked traitors who bedeviled the north-south relations to serve outsiders, a gang of vicious anti-reunification elements who dampened the nation's desire for reunification, a diehard traitorous clique who scuttled the inter-Korean cooperation and dangerous warmongers keen to bring nuclear war disasters to the Koreans, the indictment cites facts to prove its crimes.

No sooner had the conservative group taken office than declared the "theory of prioritizing south Korea-U.S. relations" as a top priority task and the general strategy of its domestic and foreign policies, thus making the inter-Korean relations totally dependent on the south Korea-U.S. relations, the indictment notes, and goes on:

In over two years of his office the puppet traitor visited his American master, doing only things harmful to the inter-Korean relations.

The puppet group malignantly defiled and played down the June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration, pushing the inter-Korean cooperation to a collapse in the end.

The smear campaign launched by the puppet group against the DPRK in the wake of the sinking of its warship reached the height of its confrontation and war moves.

When the above-said accident occurred, the group regarded it as a golden opportunity for pushing the north-south relations to a catastrophe. Making the fiction that the accident "was caused by the north" a fait accompli from its beginning, the group cried out for "countermeasure" and "retaliation". It even went the lengths of talking about not ruling out a war.

The puppet group is seriously mistaken if it thinks it can weather crisis and prove successful in the upcoming "elections to local self-governing bodies" by misleading the public opinion through such trite campaign as straining the situation and bedeviling the inter-Korean relations.

The DPRK sets store by the north-south relations but will never tolerate the puppet group's confrontation and war moves. Should the group of traitors ignite a war together with the U.S. at any cost, the DPRK will mete out merciless and resolute punishment to the warmongers, warns the indictment.

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