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North Demands South Stop Psychological Warfare
Pyongyang, May 16 (KCNA) -- The south Korean puppet forces have become evermore frantic with their anti-north psychological warfare aimed at driving the inter-Korean relations to confrontation and conflict. In this connection the Korean People's Army served them a grave warning on April 10 that it would immediately take relevant measures unless the latter takes steps for halting it and officially notifies it of them.

However, the puppet military authorities of south Korea tried to patch up the situation created by the above-said psychological warfare designed to achieve a sinister aim by sending a reply notice little short of a mere excuse and an attempt to evade their responsibility.

The anti-north psychological warfare is getting more pronounced due to such irresponsible attitude on the part of the puppet military authorities.

In this connection the head of the north side delegation to the north-south general-level military talks sent the following notice to the military authorities of the south side on May 16:

Despite our side's repeated demands for stopping the above-said psychological warfare, the south side again committed such crime as encouraging and conniving at the operation conducted from May 1 for massively scattering leaflets, transistors and DVDs defiling the ideology and system in the north and one dollar notes with human scum involved.

If the south side keeps acting recklessly in wanton violation of the agreement reached upon by both sides, the army of the north, as it had already warned, will take more rigid practical measures than restricting and cutting off the overland passage of south Korean personnel through the zones under the joint control of the north and the south in the eastern and western coastal areas.

The south side should bear in mind that it will be wholly to blame for the catastrophic consequences to be entailed by the resumed anti-north psychological warfare.

The development in the days to come will be decided by whether the south side implements the inter-Korean agreement or not.

The south Korean puppet forces should ponder over the warning served by the KPA and pay heed to it.

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