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Agro-scientific Achievements Made
Pyongyang, April 29 (KCNA) -- The Academy of Agricultural Science of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea has gained many successes in researches necessary for farming.

The Institute of Agricultural Mechanization has made a motor-driven fertilizing machine with furrowing, fertilizing and soil-covering devices.

The machine has already been introduced in co-op farms to prove a good result in fertilization and crop harvest.

The Institute of Agricultural Chemicalization has developed a new kind of highly concentrated compound fertilizer for bean seeds.

The fertilizer, which includes 12 nutritive elements, including sulphur bacteria, makes it possible to sharply increase bean production per hectare while reducing the production cost 60-70 percent compared with the existing one.

The Institute of Plant Preservation Science has classified the species of parasitic bees and put their eclosion on a scientific basis, thus paving a way for stamping out walking sticks.

The Veterinary Institute has made a fresh mixed vaccine for simultaneously preventing swine erysipelas and streptococcal disease.

The vaccine is well accepted by pig farms across the country.

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