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Liver Cancer Diagnosis Program Developed
Pyongyang, April 22 (KCNA) -- A program for early diagnosis and treatment of liver cancer, is working well at Pyongyang Municipal People's Hospital No. 1.

The software, after getting some information about health condition of a patient and his or her family members through a dialog box and data of medical checkup, gives a correct diagnosis, including size of cancer.

It offers both modern and traditional therapies of liver cancer as well as prophylactic treatment methods.

It, for the accuracy of diagnosis, shows normal liver in dimensional way and hundreds of ultrasonic and CT images of livers classified into vague and model ones.

The accuracy of the program is as high as 91.8 percent.

Users of the program can get common knowledge of liver cancer, too.

The program, which helps not only experts but also ordinary people diagnose liver cancer easily for early treatment, was developed by Kim Myong Ho, 38, a doctor of the afore-said hospital.

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