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Sycophancy towards Japan Flayed in S. Korea
Pyongyang, April 11 (KCNA) -- The Citizens Council for Supporting the Grand Mothers of the "Volunteers Corps" and other civic and public organizations in south Korea at a press conference held in Seoul on April 7 denounced the puppet authorities for their humiliating sycophancy towards Japan.

Speakers at the press conference accused the Japanese government of refusing to page wages, allowances, etc. to the Korean workers who were taken to Japan for forcible conscription during the Japanese imperialists' rule under the pretext of the south Korea-Japan "agreement" signed in 1965. What is more deplorable is the fact that the south Korean authorities are asserting that they would pay them in the form of "aid" in place of Japan, they noted.

Querying the authorities why they should replace Japan and pay them with taxes collected from the people, the victim, though the assailant should be responsible for them, they declared that this was a product of the humiliating diplomacy pursued by them towards Japan, discarding even the dignity of the nation.

They demanded the authorities stop at once the act of patronizing Japan and force it to pay due reparation for the damage done by the Japanese imperialists.

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