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Joint Statement Issued on Centenary of Death of An Jung Gun
Pyongyang, March 26 (KCNA) -- The Korean Social Democratic Party and the Democratic Labor Party of south Korea issued a joint statement on March 26 on the occasion of the centenary of martyrdom of An Jung Gun.

The statement said:

March 26 marks the centenary of hanging of An Jung Gun by the Japanese imperialists.

On this day all Koreans look back on the patriotic deed of An Jung Gun, an event specially recorded in the Korean nation's history of the anti-Japanese movement, and are shaking with towering hatred for the Japanese imperialists who committed hideous crimes against it in the past.

It is 100 years since the martyrdom of An and 65 years since the defeat of the Japanese imperialists in the war but Japan is still rushing headlong into its moves to turn itself into a military giant, seized with its wild militarist ambition, and more desperately tampering with its history, working hard to grab Tok Islets and intensifying the suppression and discrimination against the Koreans in Japan, far from redressing its past crimes. These acts on the part of Japan are only adding to its crimes committed against the Koreans.

On the centenary of his martyrdom, the Korean Social Democratic Party and the Democratic Labor Party of south Korea state as follows on behalf of An Jung Gun and other anti-Japanese patriotic martyrs and the 70 million fellow countrymen:

1. We strongly demand Japan honestly apologize for the unprecedented hideous crimes it committed against the Korean nation during its colonial rule over Korea and make full reparation for them.

Japan had enforced the harshest-ever repressive colonial rule over Korea at the point of bayonet for more than 40 years, brutally killing at least a million innocent Koreans, forcing more than 200 000 Korean women into sexual slavery and driving over 8.4 million young and middle aged Koreans to battle fields and sites of slave labor. It, at the same time, committed such hideous crimes as vandalizing and looting lots of cultural properties and resources. But Japan has not yet made any honest apology and reparation for those hideous crimes. This only betrays Japan's political and moral vulgarity and shamelessness. If Japan truly does not want to remain a sworn enemy of the Korean people, it should make honest apology and full reparation for its crimes, though belatedly.

2. We bitterly denounce Japan's persistent moves to convert itself into a military power and its distortion of history, claim to Tok Islets and its policy of maltreating Koreans in Japan as a wanton infringement upon the sovereignty of the Korean nation.

Japan's evermore undisguised moves to turn itself into a military power, distort history and grab Tok Islets and its policy of suppression and discrimination against the Koreans in Japan reveal its foolish ambition to stage a comeback to Korea and reckless acts betraying the lack of any sense of the times.

Japan would be well advised to clearly understand the Korean nation today and stop at once its anachronistic and chauvinist acts.

3. We will never tolerate any manifestation of sycophantic and treacherous acts such as antagonizing fellow countrymen and blocking national reconciliation and unity in league with foreign forces.

It is a bitter lesson taught by the history of the Korean nation that flunkeyism and dependence on foreign forces lead to national ruin and disgrace. Such acts as antagonizing fellow countrymen and standing in the way of national concord and unity, yielding to foreign forces, utterly indifferent to the destiny of the country and nation, are bound to be sternly judged by history.

2010 marks the lapse of 105 years since the Japanese imperialists cooked up "the Ulsa Five-Point Treaty" by coercion, leading Korea to ruin, and 100 years since they fabricated the "Korea-Japan Annexation Treaty" in the same manner. The above-said year also marks the lapse of 90 years since they carried out "the large punitive operation in 1920, the year of ape" and the lapse of 65 years since they blew up "Ukishima-maru," massacring innocent Koreans, and the lapse of 70 years since Japan forced the Koreans to change their names into Japanese in a bid to completely stamp out the national identity of the Koreans.

The two parties express expectation that this year marking the year of anti-Japanese joint struggle all the Koreans in the north and the south and overseas will actively turn out in a nationwide solidarity struggle to disclose and condemn the 100-year-long history of the crimes Japan has committed against the Korean nation and force it to make apology and reparation for them.

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