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Kim Jong Il Inspects Industrial Establishments
Pyongyang, March 10 (KCNA) -- General Secretary Kim Jong Il gave field guidance to industrial establishments in Huichon City seething with the drive for a great revolutionary surge.

The first leg of his guidance was the Chilsong Electric Appliances Factory put on modern lines.

Going round the pipe shop and other places of the factory, he acquainted himself in detail with the technological updating and production there.

Greatly satisfied to learn that the officials, workers and technicians of the factory have put the production processes on a modern and scientific basis by their own efforts and with their own technology and rapidly improved the quality of electric appliances through a widespread technical innovation movement, he highly appreciated their feats.

Noting that the factory has an important role to play in the nation's economic development, he set forth important tasks to be fulfilled by it.

The next leg of his guidance was the Huichon Ceramic Factory.

After being briefed on the production there, he went round the fire brick production process built by the factory itself to learn about the research and development.

He highly estimated the successes made by the officials, technicians and workers of the factory, expressing great satisfaction over the fact that they have established a fire brick production system depending on locally available raw materials by displaying extraordinary creative ingenuity.

The production bases built by us with much effort are substantially contributing to the economic development and the improvement of the people's stand of living, he said, adding that the WPK's plan for bringing about a decisive turn in improving the people's standard of living is sure to be successfully materialized as there is the powerful independent economic foundation equipped with the latest technology.

Noting that the factory has an important role to play in implementing the people's living-first policy, he indicated the tasks to be carried out by it.

The third leg of his guidance was the Huichon General Machine-Tool Plant where all its production processes have been successfully put on a CNC basis of Korean style.

He made the rounds of the new casting shop and the newly manufactured machine tools to acquaint himself in detail with its construction and production.

The workers of the plant have put the machine-building industry on the world's level by dint of their persevering will as befitting the creators of the Kanggye spirit, he said, adding it is another shining victory won in the era of Songun that the DPRK firmly holds supremacy in CNC technology.

Noting that the pioneer of cutting-edge technology in the present era of knowledge-based economy is a conqueror and victor in the future, he underscored the need for all the fields and units to dynamically accelerate modernization based on the latest science and technology under the slogan "Let us push back the frontiers of science and technology in all the sectors of the building of a great, prosperous and powerful country and leap higher and faster!".

He stressed that if the most revolutionary ideology in the DPRK is combined with the cutting-edge science and technology and its army equipped with them, great changes will take place in the revolution and construction and it will turn into an invincible power and prospering genuine people's paradise.

Noting that the role of the plant is important for developing the nation's machine-building industry, he put forward the important tasks to be fulfilled by it.

The plant should continue dashing ahead to attain higher goals of science and technology on the basis of the achievements made in placing its production processes on a CNC basis, he said, setting the target to be attained by it in the near future and specifying the orientation and ways to do so.

He earnestly called upon the workers of the plant to give full play to the patriotic devotion to bring about a great boost in the production of machine tools so that the shouts of "Long Live 10,000 CNC Machine Tools!" may resound at the plant in the near future where the shouts of "Long Live 10,000 Machine Tools!" rang out in the past.

After providing his field guidance to the above-said industrial establishments, he went round the Kumsugol Revolutionary Site in Taehung-dong, Huichon City.

The site is a historic place where President Kim Il Sung indicated the orientation of the development of the nation's machine-building industry and unrolled a far-reaching plan to develop the Huichon Precision Machine Plant, staying there on Feb. 26 and 28, 1953 during the grim Fatherland Liberation War.

Being briefed on the site by a lecturer, he went round with deep emotion the historic buildings preserved in their original state.

Noting that the President was a peerlessly great man who unrolled with his clairvoyant wisdom and foresight a blueprint for the morrow of the triumphed country already in the days of the hard-fought war, he earnestly called for successfully accomplishing the cause of building a thriving nation and thus translating the President's lifelong desire into a reality as soon as possible.

He was accompanied by Pak To Chun, chief secretary of the Jagang Provincial Committee of the WPK, Kim Kyong Hui and Jang Song Thaek, department directors of the C.C., the WPK, and Ju Kyu Chang, Ri Je Gang and Ri Jae Il, first vice department directors of the C.C., the WPK.

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